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Gerbil Care Guide

pawprintAlthough gerbils are very easy to take care of, it's still a good idea to learn a little bit about gerbils before you bring your new pets home. This makes things easier for everyone. You are less stressed, because you know what to expect. Your gerbils are less stressed, because you have their home ready for them.

The Gerbil Care Guide is an outline of the basics of choosing a pair of gerbils, setting up your gerbils' home, and caring for your new pets. These are the basics. For more detailed information about gerbil care, browse the Gerbil Tip of the Month Archive

We'll be adding many additional topics to this guide. Check back for updates.

Pippi in hands Suzie eating a snack Buster
Are gerbils
the right pet
for me?
will I have?
What should I do
before I bring my
gerbils home?
Annika & Pippi the gerbils Hallie & Liza the gerbils Audrey & Ramona in their house
How Many Gerbils
Should Live Together?
Select the
Right Gerbils
Bring Your New
Gerbils Home
Lindsay and Maeby greet each other Ramona & Audrey as seniors
Speak Your
Gerbils' Language
Care for
Older Gerbils